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Tipeeka Coffee

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TIPEEKA COFFEE BARISTA TRAINING SCHOOL was established in 2022 A.D. (2079 B.S) with the motive to provide supremacy coffee training from basic to advance knowledge. We are located at Putalisadak Chowk, Kathmandu with own coffee shop. We are also member of specialty Coffee Association (SCA), which is well recognized globally in the coffee industry.We also provide international certified certificate which will be recognized in the global. In order to provide exceptional service, our trainers are skilled, and qualified with experience to sharpen the knowledge and skill in the field.We will always look forward to guide our students regarding their confusions and queries through social media platforms.

Tipeeka Coffee

Location : putalisadak Chock,Kathmandu

E-Mail: info@tipeeka.com

Phone: 9762282168